Membership Development Officer: Daniel Smith


What’s the role?

The Membership Development  Officer is the main point of contact for most members, making sure that they are involved with the local Lib Dem community. They arrange membership events and encourage members to get involved with campaigning.

They also got the important job of keeping members up to date with their payments, and are the local party lead on recruiting more members.

Key tasks
Managing your local party’s membership is a big task, but is also a highly rewarding one. It suits well organised people with great personal skills.

  • Ensure all membership data from Lighthouse is reconciled with Connect and matched to an electoral roll record where possible.
  • Check Lighthouse on a regular basis to identify new members in your local party area.
  • Send an initial contact email from your local party to all new members when they join, with details of how to get involved.
  • Ensure personal contact (phone/doorstep) is attempted with all new members and details about them are recorded on Connect.
  • Communicate regularly with your members by email and post (and maintain accurate contact details to enable this).
  • Aim for all members to be personally contacted on at least an annual basis, and record the data on this interaction.
  • Encourage local members to get involved in campaigning on both a local and national level.
  • Organise a programme of social events to inspire members to get involved.
  • Monitor lapsing members each quarter and ensure personal contact is made with lapsing members.
  • Update Lighthouse with details of local party officers on an annual basis after the AGM.
  • Be the local party's lead person for recruiting new members.
  • Report to the local party Executive Meetings.

Being a great membership secretary means you'll need a few key skills and attributes:

  • A good all-round communicator.
  • Someone with strong attention to detail and good administrative skills.
  • A good event organiser.
  • Someone who is friendly and approachable, with good all-round people skills.
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