Laurence Brass

County Councillor for North Bushey

Phone: 01923 549097

Elected as the County Councillor for Bushey North division in 2021

County Councillor Laurence Brass stands to the side of a Liberal Democrat "winning here" poster board
County Councillor Laurence Brass

Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for:

●    Roads and pavements 
●    Streetlamps 
●    Trees and verges
●    Parking safety 
●    Disabled parking 
●    Buses and public transport
●    Education and schools 
●    Adult care and children's social care
●    Children's centres
●    Disability support services
●    Fire and rescue
●    Fostering and adoption
●    Household Waste Recycling Centres
●    Libraries
●    Trading standards

A map of Bushey showing the division between Bushey North which has Laurence Brass as it's Lib Dem county councillor on Hertfordshire County Council, and Bushey South which is represented by a Conservative councillor at present

Some issues can be reported directly to Hertfordshire County Council via their website (link below)

  • Road and cycle path faults (including potholes)
  • Over grown trees, hedges, weeds and grass
  • Problems with street lights and traffic lights
  • Faults with pavements and verges
  • Blockages in the road
  • Flooding and drainage issues
  • Problems with a right of way
  • Street sign faults
  • Issues with fences, bollards and posts (including roadwork signs and barriers)

If you have reported an issue to Herfordshire County Council and not received a satisfactory response, please let your Laurence Brass know so he can follow up. 


Information about current and scheduled roadworks, including a map of current road works (with some details on who has commissioned the works and how long they will last) is also available at Hertfordshire County Council's website: