Secretary: Susan Barrett


What’s the role?

The role of local party Secretary is to ensure that the party functions effectively and in accordance with the local, regional, national and federal party constitutions. The Secretary ensures that the processes and rules laid out in the constitution are enacted, and that the decisions made by the local party's executive committee are constitutional. 

Key tasks:

The Secretary role is important because good administration is key to running the local party and ensuring that the party is ready at election times. Being organised year-round means you'll stay organised when it matters most.

  • Arrange executive meetings, including circulating the agenda.
  • Minute executive meetings and ensure an accurate record of them is kept, especially the decisions and agreed actions.
  • Arrange the local party AGM.
  • Ensure decisions are consistent with constitutional requirements.
  • Make arrangements for election or selection of local executive officers and party candidates, and ensure that these are done in line with proper procedure.
  • Efficient handling of general administration, including correspondence with Lib Dem HQ, and keeping records of local party officers up to date.
  • Work with the local party Chair to produce a work plan, and supporting the Chair to chase actions.