Treasurer: Roger Kutchinsky


What’s the role?

The Treasurer is one of the key roles of any local party. Along with the Chair, you are one of two signatories on the local party, and have direct responsibility and accountability for its activities. 

The Treasurer's role is to have strategic ownership of expenditure and income, such as preparing budgets and financial targets for discussion by others and advising on the implications of spending decisions. The treasurer is also responsible for the practical side of managing the local party's finances, such as paying in bills, managing the payroll (if your local party has staff), and producing financial reports. 

Key tasks: 

  • Prepare a budget for the year.
  • Prepare reports for monthly or bi-monthly Executive Meetings, regarding account, income and expenditure.
  • Submit monthly donation reports to the national party in accordance with PPERA rules.
  • Complete end of year accounts, and submit them to Party HQ.
  • Ahead of elections, work with the campaign team and the Agent to agree budgets for the Agent to stick to during the campaign. The Agent is responsible for campaign spending during the campaign.
  • Be responsible for any banking requirements.
  • Processing payroll and pensions for any Local Party employees.
Roger Kutchinsky