Conservatives on Hertfordshire County Council refuse to review the reasons behind the failure to deliver the planned capital budget


At a Full Herts County Council meeting (20th December) Hertfordshire Conservatives refused to back an opposition Liberal Democrat motion demanding fair funding to support special needs education after it was revealed that Herts County Council received £14.1m less than other County Councils.

The five point motion moved by Lib Dem county councillor Helen Campbell pointed out that Hertfordshire is allocated just £549 per head against the £823 per head in next door Buckinghamshire. As result of this, Hertfordshire schools and their growing population of SEND pupils suffer from inadequate facilities, too few teaching assistants and lack of access to external therapy services.

Cllr Helen Campbell said, 'Requests for education and healthcare plans have seen a huge increase and schools are desperate to be able to deliver the provision laid out in those plans so that children can get the support they need. The Conservatives said this motion was premature - there is nothing premature about fighting on behalf of children with special education needs. Every single lesson, day, week, term and academic year matters so that every child can make progress in their education; for children with special educational needs, it is infinitely harder. Children should not have to wait and, in fact, they do not have time wait. An increase in funding is needed and it is needed now.'

'I am bitterly disappointed that the Conservatives have refused to listen to school heads and parents who are desperate for additional funding support. The recently appointed Secretary of State for Education is considering releasing a bill on the transformation of Special Needs Services. There could never be a better time for the case to be made for a better deal for Herts but the Conservatives just will not do it - they are letting parents and children down.' added Lib Dem Education spokesperson Councillor Mark Watkin.