Damning Findings from Privileges Committee puts spotlight on Oliver Dowden

15 Jun 2023
Emma Matanle Hertsmere PPC

The findings of the Privileges Committee show that Boris Johnson was never fit to be Prime Minister. He decided last Friday to jump before he was pushed with a resignation letter that was absent of any understanding of the consequences of his actions, failing to take ANY responsibility whatsoever. 

Oliver Dowden supported Johnson’s leadership bid. He was instrumental in enabling his campaign to successfully place him in the top job. His judgment on character is therefore brought into question given the current findings, that Johnson deliberately misled parliament.

In 2019 Dowden, along with Rishi Sunak and Robert Jenrick published an article in The Times that stated that Boris was the only one who could ‘save us’ and deliver Brexit. The flawed Brexit deal that Britain has ended up with, is a complete disaster, with even Nigel Farage admitting so himself.

Dowden served in Boris Johnsons’ cabinet 2019 – 2022, supporting Boris Johnson in April 2022 in the Vote of No Confidence in his leadership. It was only in June 2022 that he distanced himself from the former Prime Minister.

He is complicit in the mal-governance of the pandemic, and complicit by association of supporting the leadership of Boris Johnson, whilst he misled parliament. The privileges committee have found Johnson guilty on all counts; ‘of deliberately misleading parliament thereby committing a serious contempt’. 

Voters are tired of this ongoing Conservative psychodrama, the never-ending deceit, and the view that there is one rule for them but another for everyone else. Many obeyed the rules, lost loved ones who died on their own, whilst Boris Johnson and his colleagues, partied.

It’s time for Oliver Dowden to admit he is responsible for not speaking out whilst this behaviour was taking place in No. 10. He said last year that ‘someone needs to take responsibility’; it’s time he did just that and resign.