Photo of Emma Matanle

Emma's Annual Report

It was a great honour to be selected in January last year as your Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hertsmere. Here is my report from my first year as your PPC.

2 Feb 2024
Cllrs Alan Matthews and Louise Nicolas outside the ASL yard on Bushey Hall Road

Bushey Hall Road waste site update

Residents have complained about the ASL waste processing site on Bushey Hall Road (the former donkey field near the Water Lane tunnel). ASL have now applied for retrospective planning permission which we hope will be denied, allowing the site to be closed

4 Dec 2023
New weekly food waste graphic

Recycling changes: your questions answered

Ambitious plans to improve recycling across the Hertsmere have been approved. Weekly household food-waste collections will begin in April 2025, making it much easier and cleaner for residents to recycle food and reducing what is sent to landfill.

21 Sep 2023

Harts Farm inquiry update

Bushey Lib Dems say the appeal must be refused: There are no Very Special Circumstances. Residents are overwhelmingly opposed to the development. The site is environmentally sensitive and a flood plain. It would likely generate 1,000 daily car journeys.

29 Jun 2023

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UK Lib Dem News

Photograph showing three people from behind, the person on the left has his hands in the air, the people are watching a football match on TV, the match is out of focus.
Latest UK News

Sport for the People

The Government is missing an open goal by failing to protect more of the treasured sporting events which bring people together. Liberal Democrats will give sport back to the people.

16 Mar 2024
Photo of Lib Dem leader Ed Davey in front of poster van. Poster van reads "Ed Davey's Tory Removals" "Vote Liberal Democrat" A large arrow with the words "Time's up" points to an image or Rishi Sunak outside 10 Downing Street.
Latest UK News

Ed Davey's Tory Removal Service

Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey has unveiled a new ‘Tory Removal Service’ campaign poster, as he announces a new plan to force a General Election and stop Rishi Sunak clinging on to power.

3 Jan 2024
Photo a man in a blue shirt and a yellow safety helmet crouches on a roof of a building that has solar panels on it.

We can't afford more climate failures

We need politicians who genuinely care – ready to put in the graft and capable of taking the political initiative. No-one can possibly still believe the UK’s Conservatives are up to this. I am completely convinced the Liberal Democrats are.

15 Dec 2023
Photo of Ed Davey

Happy Hanukkah

As the warmth and glow of the candles grow each evening, I hope it may serve as a reminder that even in the darkness, there is hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

7 Dec 2023